Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Things About the Boo

In honor of Bella Boo's 10 month birthday, I thought I'd list ten fun things about her. Things I want to remember and probably will forget to write down later.

1. You have the most beautiful smile. Your smile can light up the room!
2. Your sweet little smile is still toothless. You are now officially the latest bloomer I've had in regards to teeth. We can see those gums bulging, but nothing has popped out yet.
3. You have an adorable laugh. Sometimes it's hard to get you to do, but Zane and Eli can make you laugh easily with a game of peek-a-boo. And Momma can get your tickly spots and make you giggle.
4. You do not like to have your diaper changed. Well, I don't know if you don't like to have your diaper changed, but you don't like to be still for that long.
5. You are a mover and shaker. Your crawling skills have gotten so good! Sometimes I look around and can't find you and have to go on a search only to find you in my bathroom or your bedroom. You even started up the staircase one day, but I found you on step number two and now the gate is up!
6. You have started to pull up on things. In fact, last night was the first time you pulled up in your crib. Guess I have to lower it all the way down now!
7. We've just moved you up to size three diapers. Sounds lame, but it kind of makes me sad! You are still a tiny girl but needed to make the move!
8. You are such a good eater! You are so over the pureed baby food and only like finger foods. You'll eat just about anything that we give you. I hope you keep this up!
9. We are still working on your sleeping skills. You wake a lot a night, but a little milk and you're back to snoozing. Lately you've been super congested, so there's not a lot of sleeping going on in your crib! Get well soon, please, because Momma needs some sleep too! :) Although, I do love our night snuggles!
10. You love, love, love bath time. I said it three times and you love it just that much. You love to splash and move around in the water. You cry just about every single time I take you out!
I simply cannot believe that you are 10 months old. Seems like the time is flying super fast with you little girly.

Notice the bulging gums!

Sweet smiles!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So, it's been far too long since my last post, when Bella was turning 6 months! The child will be 9 months this week! :)
So, what have we been up to for the last few months? Here's just a sampling....
Mike, Leslie & Bella went to Seattle for a few days.

Bella learned to crawl (just this weekend actually) and eating tons of cool foods!

Zane started soccer, pre-school and choir---big year for him!

We took a trip to San Antonio, which included the zoo.

And Sea World...the boys still talk about Shamu!
The annual trip to the State Fair for some fried goodies!
And of course lots of other fun, everyday stuff too! Mike has traveled for about 7 weeks straight, so Mama has been a little crazy! :)

Maybe it won't be 3 months until my next post!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bella at Six Months

I think I've neglected the blog just a wee bit! I just can't seem to find the spare time to sit and think of what to write or to upload pictures. I have a few moments now, so here goes! Well wait, Bella is waking up from nap...I'll get her and maybe still be able to do this one handed!

Bella had her six month visit last week. Here are her all-important stats:
weight 15lb 9oz (43%)
length 25.9 in (57%)

She is growing up waaay too fast. She is officially now sitting up unassisted. She was doing it for a few minutes before crashing over but just the other day, she sat up and played with her toys for at least thirty minutes. She can roll from tummy to back but not the other way completely. She just isn't motivated!

We're moving very slowly on solids...I'm just really not ready for her to be eating three meals a day. Besides, at six moths, they boys had just barely started. She'll be fine if she hasn't tasted every single food just yet!

Bella is starting to babble more. Just yesterday, she made the "ma" sound and it really does sound like she's saying Mama!

Now for pics of the girl...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Zane's Birthday Week

We decided to have Birthday Week for Zane this year instead of a big party. We'll save that for next year. So, we did something each day to celebrate Zane turning 4 years old! And he got one present each day.

Sunday--Lunch with Granny and Pa--"Buckeroo" game
Monday--Joyland Beach Party, Seeing "The Beatles" in concert--Cowboy costume
Tuesday--Splash park with friends and movie night at home with the fam--Nerf Guns
Wednesday--Birthday breakfast with Dad and Zane's favorite meal made at home (Spaghetti) and Ice Cream Cake--Knight in Shining Armour costume
Thursday--Chuck-E-Cheese with Granny and Pa and #4 Pinata outside with friends--Puzzle game and Cowboy boots from Granny & Pa
Friday--Mesquite Rodeo!!!-- Thomas Train Set
Saturday--Hang time at home chillin' with the fam--swim goggles

Beach Party

Cowboy Costume
Knight in Shining Armour
Birthday Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe with Daddy
(looks a little sleepy...it's early)

Ice Cream Cake
4 years old!

Movie night at home

Nerf Gun

Pinata Time

Brand new boots from Granny & Pa...just after they bought them at Sheplers

Mesquite Rodeo
Zane just after Mutton Bustin' (aka riding a sheep)

Zane had a blast this week getting to do something new and fun everyday and we really enjoyed getting to celebrate with him! We love you Zane!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day by making "Earth Balls" (rice crispie treats shaped like Earth) and doing some coloring and collage making.

Zoo, Party, Dune Buggy, and more

Jake's birthday at the Natatorium

Ft Worth Zoo with Grandma and Aunt Cynthia (whom I don't have any pics of)

Fun in the Bumbo

I thought this pic was cute of Eli laying on the floor watching TV

Austin enjoying some sun.

Bella the day she got shots.

Zane and Pa on the Dune Buggy