Monday, June 15, 2009

Zane's Birthday Week

We decided to have Birthday Week for Zane this year instead of a big party. We'll save that for next year. So, we did something each day to celebrate Zane turning 4 years old! And he got one present each day.

Sunday--Lunch with Granny and Pa--"Buckeroo" game
Monday--Joyland Beach Party, Seeing "The Beatles" in concert--Cowboy costume
Tuesday--Splash park with friends and movie night at home with the fam--Nerf Guns
Wednesday--Birthday breakfast with Dad and Zane's favorite meal made at home (Spaghetti) and Ice Cream Cake--Knight in Shining Armour costume
Thursday--Chuck-E-Cheese with Granny and Pa and #4 Pinata outside with friends--Puzzle game and Cowboy boots from Granny & Pa
Friday--Mesquite Rodeo!!!-- Thomas Train Set
Saturday--Hang time at home chillin' with the fam--swim goggles

Beach Party

Cowboy Costume
Knight in Shining Armour
Birthday Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe with Daddy
(looks a little's early)

Ice Cream Cake
4 years old!

Movie night at home

Nerf Gun

Pinata Time

Brand new boots from Granny & Pa...just after they bought them at Sheplers

Mesquite Rodeo
Zane just after Mutton Bustin' (aka riding a sheep)

Zane had a blast this week getting to do something new and fun everyday and we really enjoyed getting to celebrate with him! We love you Zane!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day by making "Earth Balls" (rice crispie treats shaped like Earth) and doing some coloring and collage making.

Zoo, Party, Dune Buggy, and more

Jake's birthday at the Natatorium

Ft Worth Zoo with Grandma and Aunt Cynthia (whom I don't have any pics of)

Fun in the Bumbo

I thought this pic was cute of Eli laying on the floor watching TV

Austin enjoying some sun.

Bella the day she got shots.

Zane and Pa on the Dune Buggy

Purely Photos

Tummy Time


Snuggly Boys!

All dressed up for Church

Watching Daddy out in the garden

Bella loves her Meme

Eli and his Papa

Visiting the Dentist

The boys went for a check-up and cleaning. Zane was okay with everything until the hygenist started laying the chair back. Then he decided that he would like to sit in Daddy's lap! Zane also got x-rays and the dentist said he would probably loose teeth earlier than normal. Eli got a cleaning but was not too happy about it. Bella was just along for the ride!

Look at those sparkling clean teeth!

Beach Party

We went to the Joyland beach party on Monday! The boys had a blast playing in the sand and cooling off their feet in the water. Not quite like the Jersey Shore, but it'll do!

Playing with friends.

Enjoying the sand!

Cute little boy!

This is pretty much how Bella enjoyed the beach party...from the comfort of her shaded stroller.

Or being held my Momma in the shade. And hand in her mouth is how you will usually see her these days! She loves to chew on that hand :)