Monday, December 22, 2008

The Haircut

Here are the after pictures.

Haircut by Stylist Zane

The boys were quietly playing upstairs in their playroom when Zane decided that Eli needed a haircut! Yes, he made this decision on his own and took matters into his own hands. I didn't really think much of them being upstairs. I just knew there were not bothering me, I didn't hear any fighting, and they were being quiet....Well, I guess I should have known they were up to something with it being that quiet and them being content to stay up there alone. I usually have to beg them to go upstairs and play by themselves.

Zane came downstairs and told me he had given Eli a haircut. I thought surely he meant a pretend haircut with the pretend plastic scissors...they are fond of pretending to give haircuts. But he informed me that it was with the scissors that have the plastic thing on his craft scissors from his craft box. (Note to self: Don't let the child even have safety craft scissors.)

Now that I'm over my anger and questioned Zane about why he did it, he told me that the part of Eli's hair that sticks out on the sides was bothering him, so he just cut it! Well, I know he's heard that from me, because it does drive me nuts when Eli's hair sticks out on the sides. We joked that we were surprised he didn't have a cape on Eli, since everything else was so real. But he also cut the back supershort. It can't be combed down or covered at all. So, we'll be visiting the real stylist this afternoon (after Eli's doctor/well visit) to get the damage fixed...or shaved, however you want to call it.

Now, this is what gets me...
1.Eli sat still the whole time Zane was doing this. Eli is the kid who kicks and screams and cries the whole time when we take him to get his hair cut! But, when Zane is the stylist, he's content to sit still and read a book!
2.Zane brought over the trash can to where Eli was sitting and was putting the excess hair into the trash can! Seriously, he thought that much about it to throw away the hair he was cutting off. Oh, that child!

So, go on, look at the pics below and have a good laugh and be glad it wasn't your kid this time!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Interview with Zane

After reading the responses from Dana and Caleb, I was really interested in what Zane might say to some of these questions....Here goes!

Interview about mommy and Zane:

1. What is something mommy always says to you? Well “Zane, don’t pinch the dog!” (this is true, but not the thing I say most to him!)

2. What makes mommy happy? When you stay good and don’t do anything wrong or mean to her or anything else.

3. What makes mommy sad? When you do something bad.

4. How does your mommy make you laugh? Well, you tickle me and that makes me laugh.

5. What was your mommy like as a child? I’m not sure what she looked like.

6. How old is mommy? I’m not sure how old you are…how old are you?\

7. How tall is mommy? Really tall. Like a grown up.

8. What is mommy's favorite thing to do? I’m not sure. Stay down here (downstairs) by herself and do stuff, like clean up the kitchen and living room.

9. What does your mommy do when you're not around? I don’t know.

10. If your mommy becomes famous, what will it be for? I don’t know…tell me.

11. What is your mommy really good at? Playing basketball.

12. What is your mommy not very good at? Not very good at playing soccer.

13. What does your mommy do for her job? When I was in your tummy, you went to work, and when Eli was in your tummy, you went to work, but now, you stay home and watch us!

14. What is your mommy's favorite food? Anything. (Um…so true right about now!)

15. What makes you proud of your mommy? For picking up my toys and I don’t have to do it.

16. What makes your mommy proud of you? I’m not sure.

17. If your mommy was a cartoon character, who would she be? Mommy.

18. What do you and your mommy do together? Go fishing!

19. How do you know your mommy loves you? Because she’s special.

Most of Zane’s answers started with “Umm, I don’t know”. And then I would have to reword or ask him again to think about something.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Girl Update

We had another sonogram yesterday because my blood pressure was up a little bit at my last OB visit. It was not bad, but the doc wanted to go ahead and have the baby checked out just to be safe. This is around the time that my blood pressure started to be elevated with both of my first pregnancies.

So, she is looking really good. She's a big girl with cute chubby cheeks! I think she may take after Eli a little bit in that area! They estimated that she weighs about 4 pounds and 4 ounces. At 31 weeks, the normal weight is around 3 pounds. So, they are estimating me to be about 2 weeks ahead of where I am. Looks like she may be a big girl! Everything checked out really well with her, but we are scheduled to go back again in 3 weeks just to take another look at her!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We decided to have Thanksgiving at our house for the first time this year. With the exception of last year, when we went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, we have always spent the day away from home. So, this year, we invited my family up and Mike and I cooked dinner for everyone. Well, Mike did a lot of it! We made the turkey, stuffing, and green beans and everyone else brought yummy sides and desserts.

We only ended up having nine adults and our two kids, but it was so much fun. We got to sit at tables and enjoy the food and conversation! The boys had fun making thanksgiving decorations for everyone. We're looking forward to this again next year.

Do you think it's done yet?

Mike and the bird.

Carving up the turkey!

Zane loves raw green beans!

Fall Festivals Galore

We had several Halloween activities during the week. First was our neighborhood party. The boys enjoyed games, bounce houses, and of course snacks! Of course it was so hot that day that Zane was just too hot in his costume, so I don't have a pic of him that day to share.
Eli collecting candy!
Next, Mike helped the boys carve our pumpkin!
The boys with "Thomas", our pumpkin.

Then our church hosted a fall festival. The boys had a great time with bounce houses and slides, petting zoos, tons of cool games, and loads of candy!
Zane and Eli playing with the remote control cars.
Mike and Eli on the slide!

Then, we ended up the week with Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. We went with all of our neighbors and the boys had a blast. Zane was just running from house to house with the rest of the big kids. Eli needed much help from his Pa, but he had fun just the same!

Fireman Zane and his Dalmation Dog Eli, with our neighbor, Jake the Pirate.

All of the neighborhood kids running like a herd from house to house.

I love this picture of Eli. He was staring into someone's house just waiting for them to come to the door!

October Recap

The second half of October was a busy time for us! Enjoy the long awaited return of recaps!

We had Race for the Cure. Several of my cousins and my Mom came up to spend the night. And my Aunt and Meme and more family joined us Saturday morning for the walk. We always have a great time!
A group shot!
We made shirts. The boys' said "For Meme, Granny, Grandma"
Next we were off to the State Fair on closing day for some yummy fried food...can you say Fried Moon Pie!? We also enjoyed seeing Big Tex and of course looking at all of the cars. Zane and Eli enjoyed a few rides as well.

Eli and Zane on the swings.

Zane on the boat ride.

Zane and Eli "dancing". This was pretty cute. We were sitting at picnic tables while I enjoyed my Fried Moon Pie and some Tejano music was playing. Zane got up and started dancing and then grabbed Eli as his partner and they twirled around dancing to the music for several minutes!