Friday, August 14, 2009

Bella at Six Months

I think I've neglected the blog just a wee bit! I just can't seem to find the spare time to sit and think of what to write or to upload pictures. I have a few moments now, so here goes! Well wait, Bella is waking up from nap...I'll get her and maybe still be able to do this one handed!

Bella had her six month visit last week. Here are her all-important stats:
weight 15lb 9oz (43%)
length 25.9 in (57%)

She is growing up waaay too fast. She is officially now sitting up unassisted. She was doing it for a few minutes before crashing over but just the other day, she sat up and played with her toys for at least thirty minutes. She can roll from tummy to back but not the other way completely. She just isn't motivated!

We're moving very slowly on solids...I'm just really not ready for her to be eating three meals a day. Besides, at six moths, they boys had just barely started. She'll be fine if she hasn't tasted every single food just yet!

Bella is starting to babble more. Just yesterday, she made the "ma" sound and it really does sound like she's saying Mama!

Now for pics of the girl...