Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bella at Two Months

Okay, So I know I am way behind on posting pictures and updates, but I have three little people who are the reason for that!
Bella had her one month check up and is growing and doing great. She got two shots. It was supposed to be more, but we are going to take it slow with getting the shots. I just can't stand that they are supposed to get 5 at one time! Yikes.

Here are her stats:

weight: 10 lb 5.8oz (40%)
length: 22.2 inches (45%)
head: 15" (35%)

She's pretty proportionate and pretty average!

Bella has become a different baby. Mike and I were talking one day about 3-4 weeks back and decided that she was the hardest baby yet, but that has all turned around. For the first 5-6 weeks she was pretty difficult to read. She was fussy during the day and evenings a whole lot. Not so anymore. She has started about two weeks ago smiling and cooing like crazy. She is completely on a routine/schedule of eat, play, sleep. She started sleeping for about 5-6 hours at night and is at this point up to 8 hours. She's now done it three nights in a row, so I'm calling it a habit!

Bella after her shots

We decided to try out the Bumbo since she is doing so great with holding her head up. Everyone who sees her mentions how great she is holding her head up. She liked it for a short time!