Monday, January 28, 2008

New Family Pic and Eli's One Year

Love, love this sweet picture of him reaching out for the camera.

This picture if totally Eli. He does this alot!

The boy is fascinated with his Belly Button.

The family.

Momma and Boys

I want to be a Kangaroo...

While waiting in line to tour Independence Hall on Saturday, Mike was telling Zane about some of our countries greatest Presidents. After his explanation, he asked Zane if he would like to be President when he grows up. Zane replied with, “No, I want to be a Kangaroo.”
Gotta love kids!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh No . . .

Our blog has died. :( Some how are blog has disappeared so we've had to create a new one. I'm hoping that we haven't lost everything but until then life goes on.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

It’s been a while since the last blog, but like everyone else, we’ve been busy with the holidays and family visiting. Mom joined us a week before Christmas and we had a great time. We went to NYC for two days and really enjoyed all of the beautiful decorations and hustle and bustle. We went too Macy’s and got to see the most wonderful Santa! It was such a great experience. A terribly long line but it went really quickly thanks to the inventive people at Macy’s who have multiple “Santa rooms”…and the kids don’t have a clue. They also have a great winter wonderland that you get to wind through while in line. You can see pics of the great Santa on our home site. Neither of the boys were excited about Santa once they were there, but it made for cute pictures (which by the way, they let you take with your own camera….much unlike other places).
Then Dad came just before Christmas. It was so wonderful to have them both here to spend the holiday with us. For Christmas Eve, our church had a candlelight service and impromptu Christmas pageant. Mike and the boys had cute homemade costumes but we got there a bit late and only Zane got to participate. So that explains the strange looking costume Eli is wearing on Christmas Eve!
Then, Zane had a blast decorating cookies for Santa! We planned to do homemade cookies, but just flat ran out of time. So we opted for slice and bakes and I made some homemade frosting…supposed to be red, but how on earth do you ever get it to turn red instead of pink?
The boys really enjoyed Christmas morning and loved all of the gifts. Zane is in love with all things Thomas so he loved his train sets. He also loves his guitar from Granny and Pa. Eli loves his Exploration Station and they both love the puzzles, books, tent and animals.
The rest of the week is a kind of modge podge of activities. We did finally get Mom to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Four trips later and we finally made it! We also had a fun day in Lancaster County. We can never get enough of the sweet slow-paced lifestyle of the Amish…and the yummy sweets don’t hurt much either! We also did our New Year’s Eve tradition one night early and headed out to the Cheesecake Factory. For the past several years, we’ve gone with Mom and Dad to Texas Land and Cattle for some steak, but they just don’t have TxLC here in Pennsylvania! So, next best thing….cheesecake.
A very low key NY’s Eve and then the Mummers Parade ( ) on Jan 1, 2008. This is something we will not soon forget. We had no clue about even what a Mummer was, but it turned out to be a whole day blast. Then Mom and Dad headed back to Tejas in the afternoon. Boo Hoo! We’re trying to get back into the swing of things on our own here. Of course the boys (and us) miss Granny and Pa.
Big news is that Zane has stopped sucking his thumb!!! He’s been greatly attached since 12 months and he stopped in just one day. My dad showed him his fingers and told him to not suck his thumb or it might fall of like his did. (Dad severed his fingers the day before Zaney was born and lost part of his pinky). I guess this really scared Zane, ‘cause we haven’t caught his thumb in his mouth once!