Wednesday, December 17, 2008

October Recap

The second half of October was a busy time for us! Enjoy the long awaited return of recaps!

We had Race for the Cure. Several of my cousins and my Mom came up to spend the night. And my Aunt and Meme and more family joined us Saturday morning for the walk. We always have a great time!
A group shot!
We made shirts. The boys' said "For Meme, Granny, Grandma"
Next we were off to the State Fair on closing day for some yummy fried food...can you say Fried Moon Pie!? We also enjoyed seeing Big Tex and of course looking at all of the cars. Zane and Eli enjoyed a few rides as well.

Eli and Zane on the swings.

Zane on the boat ride.

Zane and Eli "dancing". This was pretty cute. We were sitting at picnic tables while I enjoyed my Fried Moon Pie and some Tejano music was playing. Zane got up and started dancing and then grabbed Eli as his partner and they twirled around dancing to the music for several minutes!

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