Monday, December 22, 2008

Haircut by Stylist Zane

The boys were quietly playing upstairs in their playroom when Zane decided that Eli needed a haircut! Yes, he made this decision on his own and took matters into his own hands. I didn't really think much of them being upstairs. I just knew there were not bothering me, I didn't hear any fighting, and they were being quiet....Well, I guess I should have known they were up to something with it being that quiet and them being content to stay up there alone. I usually have to beg them to go upstairs and play by themselves.

Zane came downstairs and told me he had given Eli a haircut. I thought surely he meant a pretend haircut with the pretend plastic scissors...they are fond of pretending to give haircuts. But he informed me that it was with the scissors that have the plastic thing on his craft scissors from his craft box. (Note to self: Don't let the child even have safety craft scissors.)

Now that I'm over my anger and questioned Zane about why he did it, he told me that the part of Eli's hair that sticks out on the sides was bothering him, so he just cut it! Well, I know he's heard that from me, because it does drive me nuts when Eli's hair sticks out on the sides. We joked that we were surprised he didn't have a cape on Eli, since everything else was so real. But he also cut the back supershort. It can't be combed down or covered at all. So, we'll be visiting the real stylist this afternoon (after Eli's doctor/well visit) to get the damage fixed...or shaved, however you want to call it.

Now, this is what gets me...
1.Eli sat still the whole time Zane was doing this. Eli is the kid who kicks and screams and cries the whole time when we take him to get his hair cut! But, when Zane is the stylist, he's content to sit still and read a book!
2.Zane brought over the trash can to where Eli was sitting and was putting the excess hair into the trash can! Seriously, he thought that much about it to throw away the hair he was cutting off. Oh, that child!

So, go on, look at the pics below and have a good laugh and be glad it wasn't your kid this time!


Luke, Kristen and Pierce said...

Oh. My. Word. This (not my child) is really funny. Although I gotta give Z props - not bad, very trendy. :)

I'd love to see the fixed pics!

Monkey Momma said...

LOL! This is only funny because it's not my kiddos. But it does remind me of the time I cut my own hair. Picture one length, beautiful wavy hair down to my waist. The cowlick in the front of my head was bothering me, so I figured cutting off the half-dollar sized cowlick would help. I don't remember many times where my father was speechless at something I'd done, but that was one. LOL!

Yes, I'm aware that my time is coming with my child, thus I'm not laughing too hard. :-)

Donna said...

You know this reminds me of someone.........hhmmm who was it??? Oh YEAH! ME! I did the same thing to our cousin when we were kids. I thought I was doing her a favor and didn't understand why everyone didn't think it was as GORGEOUS as I thought it was. LOL