Sunday, February 3, 2008

Got Hope?

Today, together as a family we attended the Barack Obama rally in Wilmington, DE. I’ve always been interested in politics but I believe this election year is going to require more than mere curiosity. I feel like I must provide some background. I am a Christian, I have voted as Republican for the last ten years, I consider myself to be conservative and I am a native Texan. However, I strongly believe that what our country needs is change.
I look at my two little boys and wonder what the future will look like for them. Will they have teachers that care about them as individuals and help them reach their God given potential? Will we be able to afford to send them to college? Will they have to grow up in a world of fear and hate? I look at where Leslie and I are in our life and wonder “What If”. Will we be able to afford to buy a home again? What would happen if I lost my job? What would happen if one of us becomes sick? I look at life going on around us and wonder “Why”. Why can’t our economy keep up with inflation? Why does the homeless man on the corner not have help? Why do my in-laws not have health care coverage to get their basic needs taken care of? Will the effects of Global Warming continue? Will we be able to continue to enjoy the earth as God intended it?

As a Christian, I know that I don’t have to fear or worry about what the future holds but I also know that my God is not a passive God. He gives us desires and passions but most importantly he commands us to love our neighbor. Our neighbor is the homeless man on the corner, the young man that is headed down a road of violence, the mother that is sick, the father that has lost his job, the solider who fights for his country, the child that can’t read, the immigrant that is looking for something better, the celebrity who has everything and the family that needs a little help. I believe that sometimes as Christians we get caught up focusing on “Our Value” system and shying away from being labeled as liberal that we forget to look at what actually is going on around us. Can we change things? Yes We Can!
Will Barack solve all our country’s problems -- probably not. But what I believe he has that no other candidate has is a sense of hope and vision for what this country can be. I support Barack Obama and encourage you to do the same.


David said...

I would have loved to have heard Obama!

Anonymous said...

You know I've been working on Leslie for years! :)
Seriously, your comments moved me and I do hope that enough people will take up your challenge. Glad you're enjoying Philly.
Elizabeth M.

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Hey there sweet friends! I understand a lot of what you wrote. I've never really considered myself a political person, but now that I'm a parent, my thoughts have changed more towards the future. I agree with you in that our country needs a change. I cringe to consider what my sweet son will be inheriting.

I'm not entirely convinced that Barack is the person that will bring that change, so I am sitting patiently by waiting to see more of the candidates speak out.