Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny things from Zane

Zane says the darndest things sometimes! I wanted to write down a few just so I don't forget and I thought I'd share them with you as well.

After a long day with the boys, after Mike got home, we drove out to the suburbs to shop. I guess I was a little too excited and animated as I talked to Mike in the car. From the back seat, I hear this: "Mommy, mommy, stop talking. Stop talking for a little bit."

And one day I was cutting up something in the kitchen and touched my finger with the tip of the knife. The conversation goes like this.

Me: "Ouch".
Z: "It's okay, mommy."
Me: "No, it's not okay, I almost cut my finger."
Z: "Well, you shouldn't have had it there."

This is a picture I love of Zane! We were staying at University City, PA with Mike recently. He thought it was so neat that the housekeeper put his monkey under the blanket when she made up the bed!

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