Saturday, April 12, 2008

Awakened to Stones on My Window

That's right, I woke up to someone throwing stones on my bedroom window. And my bedroom window is on the third floor.

Apparently I was a heavy sleeper this morning. Mike had to head out of town for the day and he started out early. So, after he left, I I went back to sleep. I'm normally a light sleeper but not today, I guess!

I thought I heard something hit our screen door and figured it was just a stray newspaper being delivered. Then I hear something hit my window. So, I jumped up and looked out the window and see Mike's rental car in the middle of the street. Realizing in my mind what I can only assume must be happening, I rushed down the stairs and flung open the door without even confirming that it was my husband outside and not some crazy intruder! Luckily it was my poor husband who had accidentaly forgotten his cell phone and was locked outside of the house!

And he'd been outside my door banging, ringing the doorbell, and honking his horn for 15 minutes! I just cannot believe that I was in that deep of a sleep! And I really feel bad for my neighbors because they were probably not such light sleepers at 6:30 in the morning.

I feel bad that this happened to Mike when I know he was trying to get on the road and out of town, but hey, I'm not the one who forgot my phone!

And he does get brownie points in my book for: a) actually hitting the window with the rocks and b) actually locking the door on his way out (something he never does).


Mandi said...

I am RIGHT there with you! We had huge storms last week and although there were tornadic winds within the metroplex, I was sound asleep in bed. Yikes!

D said...

That's pretty funny! So do you have an apartment on the third floor or do you have the whole townhouse...explain now that you're a big city folk!