Sunday, April 20, 2008

Container Garden

Last month we started some seedlings in hopes of having our own little garden. We chose some of Zane’s favorite vegetables—tomatoes and bell peppers. We also grew a few herbs and some daises. We started the process when it was still cold outside and I thought that we would be able to plant them as soon as the weather turned warm. It is finally looking like spring but unfortunately my little seedlings still have a couple more weeks. I’m not sure who is more impatient the boys or me. So as we were waiting to plant our seedlings, I decided to grow strawberries in a hanging basket. I will let you know the fruits of our labor. I already have buds.


One of the things that I miss about Texas is having a yard, although I know I complained about having to take care of the yard. The next best thing to having shrubs, trees and flower beds is a container garden. I found a container garden that is unique and true to the spirit of living in Philadelphia—a vertical garden.



Andi said...

Okay, I just wanted to let you know that it was this post that got the bug in my ear about hitting Calloways. I haven't planted a thing for two years now. Last year I was too ill and too exhausted with a monkey in my belly. So I decided I'd take him on his first trip to Calloways. It was a beautiful thing. :-)

Leslie said...

Babies love plant nurseries, there's just so much to see!
Glad you and Monkey enjoyed the outing.