Sunday, July 27, 2008

We're Back . . .

We’ve been back in Texas for two weeks. The new job is going well and the house hunting adventure might be coming to a close. We had found a home in McKinney that we really liked but it was a pre-foreclosure and the bank was not in any hurry to make a decision on our offer. So this weekend we hit the streets again and found a home in Allen that we like. It is close to our previous home and the neighborhood is great. We also have several friends in and around the neighborhood. If everything goes well we will close in three weeks. We haven’t scheduled the official move from Philadelphia but it will be coming soon.

Zane and Eli are having a blast spending time with family. They are adjusting well. Zane keeps asking why we have to get in the car and drive so far to everything. They are enjoying that we are in an apartment with a pool. Today we went to church and were able to visit with friends and Eli successfully stayed in the nursery for the first time. We were a little worried because he really hasn’t been away from Leslie. Our little boy is growing up.


The Rowe Crew said...

Okay...I am SERIOUSLY behind!!! I have the wrong site linked to my blog and thought you just hadn't updated in a while b/c I only ever looked at the main page...I'm a dork!

Anyway...yay for so many things! Yay for you guys coming back AND another little buddy around the age of my 2nd kiddo. And you look great...I never would have guessed you were pregnant!!! We can't wait to have you guys as neighbors :o). Take care of yourselves!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy to have you back in North Texas, and even more excited to have you in Allen!!! Welcome back!

Luke, Kristen & Pierce said...

Whoa! I'm with Rowe. I never even saw the previous post. I was just getting on to see how the move was progressing!

That's what I love about you H's. Why move across country when you could move across country AND have a newborn. OR be pregnant and sick in the hot weather.

Congratulations on #3!! That is really awesome. I hope it's a girl, just simply b/c Leslie is outnumbered. But, I am partial to the boy.... :)