Monday, September 15, 2008

Zane's Big Catch

Zane's Pa has taken him fishing at Celebration Park a few times. Mostly, they caught some very small perch and one fish that broke their line, but they never actually saw it. Well, Zane was so excited to take his Daddy fishing and Mike did enjoy for the first two little perch that he caught. Mike is just not that into fishing. So I ended up helping Zane most of the time. We caught the usual and then all of a sudden I realized that we had caught what I called a "real" fish. See for yourself below!

Trying to reel it in.

Our big catch!

Zane is actually excited and this was the last picture we got before the fish broke the line and fell back into the water with the tiny hook still attached.

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Monkey Momma said...

If Zane smile was any bigger, it'd fall off his face!

Leslie, I love that about you! I'm not a real girlie-girl (never have been) and love to do boy stuff...nice to see that in some of my girl friends. :-)